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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P15121122 viewsPMR class 734 departing Bunbury with 42 goods train. Note semaphore signal at left, overhead footbridge in background. SWR line.
P15122113 viewsDM class 589 steam locomotive hauling the 6.33am suburban to Midland. ER line. This was the last steam passenger service to Midland.
P15123120 viewsESL class 328 steam locomotive at Katanning Loco depot. Overhead view from coal stage showing ash pits in foreground and portion of shed in background. GSR line.
P15124147 viewsAn unidentified C class steam locomotive departing Katanning for Ongerup. Overhead view of loco, tender and train with M class coal box wagons in foreground. GSR line
P15125110 viewsKatanning station yard and town as viewed from the coal stage at Loco depot. GSR line. Note main/branch line trackage, and gang shed on left.
P15126103 viewsAn unidentified LA ballast hopper at an unidentified location. Next to this wagon is an unpainted wagon of the same class pictured at Collie. BN line.
P1512795 viewsThe plaque designating the opening of the South West District Administrative centre at Bunbury by Hon. J. Dolan. SWR line.
P1512895 viewsMillars loco "Swan" with "M.K.&J.F. Ltd" painted on the tender side, coupled to a log train in the bush, side and view of the loco, same train as in P15075
P15129136 viewsH class wagon, State Ship tied up at the jetty, Port Hedland, PM line, unloading rails for the "Marble Bar Railway", view along the jetty
P15130145 viewsStation building, Denmark, D line, view along the platform, passenger train at the platform, group photo of locals, names from left to right, Edie Howe, Alf Chapman, Gwen Williams, Ernie Howe & Florence Williams.
P15131247 viewsKA class 212 in the two tone blue livery, front view
P15132115 viewsGC class 9797 with steel underframe and cast stanchions, side view, Ashfield, load of gypsum.
P1513398 viewsP class 456 at an Unknown location with several workmen standing on the side of the locomotive and 4 sitting on the running board, water column, goose neck yard light.
P15134125 viewsChristening steam locomotive 'ELLA' at Greenbushes Mill. An assortment of members of the public and workmen present.
P15135152 viewsMRWA Company locomotive "Walkaway" fitted with Charles Cooper patented spark injection equipped steam locomotive pictured at the Midland Railway Co. workshops. Mr Cooper is standing next to the locomotive. Note the cast "No. !" plate on the cab side and name painted on the tender
P15136289 viewsGC class 6364 medium sided open wagon with a steel underframe and cast stanchions . Photo enlarged from P5489.
P15137106 views AL class 1, ex VY class 5000 bullion van, brown livery, end and side view, Bellarine Peninsular Railway in Victoria
P15138100 viewsVW class 5112, ex AF class 13 carriage, end and side view, white livery, Bellarine Peninsular Railway in Victoria
P15139108 viewsVW class 5125, ex AS class 376 second class suburban carriage with a brake /guards compartment, cream and red livery, end and side view, at the Bellarine Peninsular Railway, Victoria
P1514084 viewsSix wheel bogie under AS class 376 carriage at the Bellarine Peninsular Railway, Victoria
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