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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1536161 viewsP class 2016 "Shire of Coorow" diesel locomotive at the head of a departing empty grain train. The Albany locomotive depot is in the background and the Westrail name painted out on the locomotive. GSR line.
P1536276 viewsA view of Albany Station building and yard, taken looking west. The track in the foreground has been recently re-ballasted. GSR line.
P1536379 viewsDB class 1585 "Shire of Harvey" and DB class 1590 "Shire of Collie" diesel locomotives at Newdegate. WLG line. A mobile crane, loaded on a flat wagon, awaiting unloading.
P1536469 viewsP class 2001 "Shire of Mingenew" diesel locomotive stabled with an empty grain train at Albany, GSR line, while P class 2016 "Shire of Coorow" is in the Locomotive Depot.
P1536582 viewsAurizon class 2505, formerly P class 2005 "Shire of Lake Grace", 'Shire of Lake Grace' being refuelled from a road tanker at Albany. GSR line.
P1536669 viewsP class 2009 "Shire of Three Springs" diesel locomotive being moved to the Albany Locomotive depot. GSR line, View of rear section and side of locomotive. Westrail name has been painted out.
P1536778 viewsAurizon class 2312 diesel locomotive, formerly P2012 "Shire of Mullewa", with P class 2015 "Shire of Kulin" at Albany Locomotive depot together with AB class 1536 stabled outside the locomotive depot. 2312 painted in Genesee & Wyoming scheme, P class 2012 has the Westrail name painted out while AB class 1536 still in original orange colour scheme, GSR line.
P1536858 viewsT class 02 diesel locomotive stabled outside the Albany Locomotive depot. GSR line, The locomotive is in the Genesee & Wyoming colour scheme.
P1536985 viewsDB class 1589 "Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes", P class 2011 "Shire of Narembeen", NJ class 5 and P class 2013 "Shire of Morawa" pictured in the vicinity of the Albany Locomotive depot. GSR line, The DB painted in the original orange scheme, P class 2011 "Shire of Narembeen" in Westrail yellow, NJ5 in Australian National colour scheme while P class 2013 "Shire of Morawa" has the Westrail name painted out.
P1537062 viewsP class 2002 "Shire of Moora" and P class 2008 "Shire of Carnamah" diesel locomotives stabled with an outbound empty grain train at Albany. GSR line, Both locomotives in the Westrail yellow scheme and have the Westrail name painted out.
P1537189 viewsAlbany Yard being modified by John Holland Staff. 'Bobcat' placing metal ballast onto trackage from stockpile to right. Track machine in background and road truck to right. GSR line.
P1537265 viewsJohn Holland Ballast machine stabled at Albany awaiting opportunity to work on refurbished trackage. GSR line.
P1537354 viewsJohn Holland 'Plasser' ballast tamping machine about to commence work on refurbished track. GSR line.
P1537469 viewsNJ class 5 diesel locomotive and 2505 class diesel locomotive, formerly P class 2005 "Shire of Lake Grace", at Albany. P class 2505 departing with an empty grain train while NJ5 is at the head of an empty woodchip train. In the middle is an inbound grain train. GSR line
P1537560 viewsP class 2009 'Shire of Three Springs' and P class 2014 "Shire of Wongan-Ballidu" at the Albany CBH Grain facility. Both locomotives have the Westrail name painted out. GSR line.
P1537678 viewsAB class 1535 diesel locomotive at the rear of a loaded woodchip train proceeding to the unloading point at Albany. GSR line.
P1537765 viewsDBZ class 2308 diesel locomotive, formally DB class 1588 "Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup", stabled at Albany Locomotive depot. GSR line, This locomotive is painted in Genesee & Wyoming colour scheme.
P1537879 viewsAB class 1533 in the Westrail orange with the blue stripe livery hauling a mineral sands train between Yarloop and Wagerup. SWR line, The train consists of WME and XE class wagons.
P1537960 viewsK class 201 standard gauge diesel locomotive pictured at the entrance to Windmill Hill cutting in the Avon Valley on trial runs.
P1538068 viewsR class 1901 diesel locomotive pictured on trial after overhaul. Location Unknown.
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