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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1918165 viewsThree Commonwealth Railways (CR) galley staff, in dining car kitchen, TAR line, interior view of galley
P1918262 viewsGroup photo of Commonwealth Railways (CR) employees, track, TAR line, track level view
P1918364 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) dual gauge siding, piles of sleepers, Parkeston, TAR line
P1918480 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) station building, point levers, traffic building, tracks, Zanthus, TAR line, station building now preserved at Railway Museum Bassendean
P1918558 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) workers having crib, 497 mile, TAR line
P1918661 viewsOoldea Soak, 20 kms from Barton, Commonwealth Railways (CR) TAR line
P1918754 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) camp, tents, wagon, well, workers, camel, TAR line
P1918856 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) signal, single track, Cook, TAR line
P1918960 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) GM class 1 on goods train, boy (Robert Campbell-Foulkes) with bicycle, signal, Forrest, TAR line, first diesel to cross the Nullarbor
P1919062 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) construction train derailment, flat wagon with sleepers off track, rail torn up, TAR line,
P1919173 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) station building with uniformed station master A. Rees standing in front, point levers, house in background, Barton, TAR line
P1919269 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) H class 353 flat wagon, G class flat wagon, both loaded with wool bales, part of the first special wool train, workers, Hesso, TAR line, end and side view
P1919368 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) RA class 642 flat wagon laden with wool bales, Hesso, TAR line, side view
P1919467 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) G class steam loco on a wool train, Hesso, TAR line, front and side view
P1919563 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) station building, people, Ooldea, TAR line
P1919666 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) G class 19, "Pride of the Road" chalked on side, train crew, oil can, TAR line, side view (front half only)
P1919759 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) passenger carriage, TAR line, side view
P1919859 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) bore casing, beam and engine, workers, 497 mile bore, TAR line
P1919973 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) butcher's van on the "Tea and Sugar", several persons posing in front of it including station master A. Rees and his daughter Phyllis, Barton, TAR line
P1920099 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) steam hauled construction train comprising flat bed wagons with workers on board, near Port Augusta, TAR line
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