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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P2074118 viewsASG class in derelict condition, Coolgardie loco. EGR line.
P207427 viewsCL class 2 (Commonwealth Railways livery). Location unknown. EGR line.
P207439 viewsCL class 5 (Commonwealth Railways livery) at Kalgoorlie Station heading an east bound "Trans Australia". WAGR narrow gauge line on left and Kalgoorlie Station and platform. EGR line.
P2074410 viewsPM class 716 104 goods approaching West Merredin, passing the construction of diamond crossing for the realigned Wyalkatchem branch. EGR line.
P2074510 viewsXA class 1407 & XA class 1402 (both locomotives livery green with red/yellow stripe) with Z class brakevan at Burracoppin station. EGR line.
P207466 viewsH class 4 (original light blue livery) hauling a standad gauge construction train near Woolundra. EGR line.
P207478 viewsMerredin narrow gauge station and signal box. EGR line
P207487 viewsMerredin train control panel. EGR line.
P2074914 viewsAB class 1533 (green with red/yellow stripe livery) hauling ballast train near Salmon Gums. CE line.
P2075011 viewsPM class 705 number 108 goods hauling a train of GM class wagons loaded with iron ore from Southern Cross to Wundowie. Location unknown. EGR line.
P2075117 viewsXA class 1409 and unidentified XA (both locomotives green with red/yellow stripe livery) arrive Boorabbin from Kalgoorlie with a goods train. Station building and Up home signal in photo. EGR line.
P2075215 viewsCoolgardie station and yard looking east. Signals and road bridge in background, 1st class good shed in photo. EGR line.
P20753232 viewsNR class 52 ( indigenous livery) & unidentified NR class head special Indian Pacific to commemorate 100 years of Commonwealth Railways into Kalgoorlie. EGR line.
P2075413 viewsNR class 52 ( indigenous livery) & unidentified NR class head special Indian Pacific to commemorate 100 years of Commonwealth Railways into Kalgoorlie. Malcolm Searle standing alongside locomotive. EGR line.
P207559 viewsKaralee- steel flume used to take water from the rock runoff to the dam. EGR line.
P2075610 viewsKaralee railway dam. EGR line.
P2075713 viewsRA class 1913 up overnight passengers train arrives Midland Station. Several bogie vans behind locomotive. ER line.
P207589 viewsThree car Prospector (original livery) at Meckering Station. EGR line.
P207599 viewsXA class 1406 & XA class 1409 (both locomotives green with red/yellow stripes)haul a rail recovery train near Merredin. EGR line.
P2076012 viewsPM class 713 hauling number 78A goods arriving Grass Valley. Home signal at rear of train. The train consist includes 25 loaded CXA class livestock wagons. EGR line.
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