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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P06841212 viewsDD class 596, W class 944 with hungry boards, side views, Midland Workshops Graveyard,
P06842401 viewsNS class 2575 flat wagon, DM class 588, Midland Workshops Graveyard
P06843200 viewsPMR class 715 with P class boiler and dome, Midland Loco Depot, front and side view
P06844184 viewsOverall view of locos stored at Collie
P06845195 viewsS class 542 "Bakewell", Collie, front and side view
P06846179 viewsS class 546 "Egerton", Collie, side and front view
P06847189 viewsV class and W class locos, Collie, stowed
P06848215 viewsOverall view of the Bunbury Roundhouse, shows large pile of light up firewood
P06849189 viewsPMR class 722 with P class boiler and dome, hauling a F class and Y class on goods train, near Picton Junction, SWR line
P06850172 viewsDD class 591, East Perth Loco Depot, side and front view
P06851191 viewsUT class 664, fire hose box, East Perth Loco Depot, side and front view
P06852180 viewsUT class 664, DM class 583, East Perth Loco Depot, side view
P06853173 viewsV class 1209, with other V class locos, East Perth Loco depot, front and side view
P06854177 viewsDM class 584, East Perth Loco Depot, bunker end and side view
P06855178 viewsR class 1902 with white wall tyres, East Perth, recently entered service, side view
P06856178 viewsDM class 583 with FS class 365 behind and UT class 664 in front, East Perth Loco depot
P06857182 viewsPMR class 724, East Perth, rear and side view
P06858157 viewsW class 927, East Perth, end and side view
P06859169 viewsPMR class 724, East Perth, side view and front view
P06860180 viewsOverall view of the east end of the East Perth Loco Depot, PMR class 728 heading a line of locos
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