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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P10341106 viewsXB class 21011 bauxite wagon, yellow main frame with blue lettering, aluminium body, side and end view taken at old Fremantle loco.
P10342132 viewsDB class diesel locomotive, long end leading, side and end view, Westrail orange livery, general freight, heading towards Fremantle, Subiaco football grandstands in the background.
P10343115 viewsA class 1514 diesel locomotive in Westrail orange livery, long end leading, hauling rake of four wheel empty open wagons, passing Subiaco. Rails in yard have been removed.
P10344110 viewsDA class 1576 in the Westrail Orange Livery, hauling mainly tarpaulin covered 4 wheel wagons, departing Cottesloe towards Perth.
P10345115 viewsRA class 1918 Green with Red and Yellow stripes, showing improved yoke couplings short end and side view. Started at Esperance.
P10346107 viewsZ class 1153 Westrail Green, side and front view. Shown with transition piece in front coupling 4 wheel lube oil wagon attached.
P10347109 viewsDA class 1576 Westrail Orange short end leading, hauling wagons covered with tarpaulins. Photographed from footbridge Esplanade Fremantle heading towards Perth. Separate SG track visible.
P1034897 viewsRA class 1916 Westrail Orange, short end and side view approaching Shenton Park heading towards Perth hauling rake of empty 4 wheel open wagons. Circa 1978
P10349115 viewsDA class 1572 Westrail Orange, short end and side view hauling class XW wheat wagons approaching Cockburn North Junction enroute to Forrestfield, North leg of Cockburn triangle visible in background.
P10350125 viewsRA class 1908 Green Red and Yellow Stripes, short end leading on general freight on dual gauge track approaching Kalamunda Road overpass heading towards Forrestfield.
P10351144 viewsY class 1108 Westrail Orange, long end leading running on freight only line between Leighton and Cottesloe. Short mixed freight mainly wheat covered wagons. Up and down suburban lines on left of train.
P1035296 viewsGW class 4 wheel wagons used for transferring grain from Bunbury Grain Silo to timber Jetty for loading export grain, not used on mainline. End and side view, with roof hatches usable
P1035386 viewsPR class 521. On freight train of mixed wagons in open country, three quarter view light smoke plume.
P10354100 viewsA class 1513 and 1514. Green with Red and Yellow Stripes. Double heading empty Koolanooka Iron Ore in open country enroute to loading point.
P10355126 viewsPR class 525 (Fitzroy). En route from York to Midland Number 6 goods with nearly all grain loading leaving Chidlow on old EGR line, three quarter view taken in bushland setting.
P10356140 viewsRA class 1915, Orange Blue and White Stripes on freight conveying ammonium nitrate and superphosphate loading passing through Leighton Station. Views of North Fremantle Container Terminal and Leighton Loco Depot in background. Narrow gauge track into Leighton Yard on right of picture, elevated photo taken from footbridge.
P10357120 viewsF class 46. Green with Red and Yellow Stripes hauling N class locomotive approaching Cottesloe heading for Forrestfield, long hood leading, hauling short train of 4 wheel tarpaulin covered wagons on down suburban line. Freight only Cottesloe Leighton line on right of photo.
P1035898 viewsRA class 1916 . Green with Red and Yellow Stripes, short end leading with train CXB and CXA class of livestock wagons passing East Perth Terminal bound for Midland, portion of passenger terminal visible together with main line and loop with catch point indicator visible in foreground.
P10359124 viewsV class 1213 on freight train passing Swan View Station visible in background, also down main with indicator to the left as well as upper quadrant signal also shown.
P1036080 viewsA class 1508, Green with Red and Yellow stripes, side and long end view, passenger car coupling shown in long end buffer.
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