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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P12901154 viewsZ class 48-P, Forrestfield Yard, side and platform end view, stowed.
P12902161 viewsZJ class 270, Forrestfield Yard, side view, stowed.
P12903158 viewsN class 1877 Kwinana, front and side view, wheat train
P12904141 viewsDD class 592, Perth Station, front view, on ARHS tour train
P12905150 viewsFour car "Prospector" railcar set, East Perth Terminal, side and front view
P12906180 viewsXA class 1415 "WURARA", Armadale, on suburban passenger train made up of railcars
P12907193 viewsAB class 1533 hauling the QR carriages, station building, signals, Fremantle, side and front view.
P12908162 viewsDD class 592, Perth Station, front and side view, ARHS tour train.
P12909151 viewsAVL class 314 in yellow livery lettered for the "Break-Down Train", end and side view looking back along the coach, coupled to VW class 5103,
P12910151 viewsA mock up of a locomotive on a dray with four workers as a prop in the "8 Hour Day" procession, Geraldton, side on view of the loco
P12911141 viewsThe mock up of a locomotive with the workers and their banner in preparation for the "8 Hour Day" procession, Geraldton
P12912144 viewsA view of the "8 Hour Day" procession in Geraldton, elevated view down the street with marchers with their banners.
P12913150 viewsA class 15, undergoing repairs at the Geraldton Loco Depot, the loco has its cab removed and the tender is separated from the loco. The image has been extracted from the Geraldton Loco Depot Christmas Card/poster from 1897.
P12914168 viewsC class 267 with bell. loco shed, Geraldton, NR line, front and side view.
P12915121 viewsM class 2-6-0 loco, derailed surrounded by workers, side view of loco, end view of a van with diagonal planking on the end.
P12916183 viewsC class 437, side and front view
P12917166 viewsCA class 273, (entered service as C class 273 on 31.7.1902, fitted with a trailing truck in November 1914 and reclassified as CA class 273, reverted back to C class 273 in November 1919) Yalgoo, NR line, front and side view, workers posing in front of the loco
P12918130 viewsGroup photo of Leading Hand Fitters, Midland Workshops, c1939
P12919131 viewsGroup photo of Leading Hand Fitters, Midland Workshops, c1933
P12920125 viewsGroup photo of Leading Hand Fitters, Midland Workshops, 1922
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