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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P13121172 viewsSiding with stockyards, Edah, NR line, view along the track showing siding disconnected and track distorted.
P13122214 viewsSignal box, telegraph pole, East Northam, EGR line, view of the rear of the box, originally located at Bayswater
P13123200 viewsA class 1511, nameboard, Gabalong, CM line, wheat train
P13124289 viewsA class 1514, yard, wheat bins, Gabbin, WLB line, A class 1510 in yard, elevated view looking down the yard
P13125376 viewsI of 2 views of the "Peerless Flour Mill", East Guildford, after the fire which destroyed the mill, view of the facade of the building on the railway side. The mill caught fire on 9th April 1975
P13126392 views2 of 2 views of the "Peerless Flour Mill", East Guildford, after the fire which destroyed the mill, view along the siding and the remaining facade of the mill. The mill caught fire on 9th April 1975.
P13127206 viewsSiding with work train, Gutha, EM line, overall distant view of the siding showing the Out of Shed and wheat bins
P13128192 viewsStation nameboard, platform, Golden Gate, B line, view along the platform
P13129205 viewsTrestle bridge, steel girder bridges, Guildford, track having been lifted from the left hand trestle bridge, view along the bridges looking east.
P13130184 viewsADA/ ADG class railcar set, trestle bridges, Guildford, concrete pylons of the new bridge in the fore ground, looking west.
P13131163 viewsWater tower with circular 10,000 gallon tank, Formby, TO line, ARHS members L-R David York, Carl King, Joe Moir and Ian Milne around the tank
P13132153 viewsSignal Box "A", signal, Fremantle Yard, front view.
P13133271 viewsXA class 1411 "WEEDOOKARRI" double heading with XB class 1004 "KADJERDEN", nameboard, Holly, DK line, front and side view, goods train.
P13134169 viewsXA class 1415 "WURARA", XA class 1402 "TARGAR"I, station building with nameboard, Hyden, LH line, rear view of the building
P13135159 viewsStation building, platform crane, Hyden, LH line, rear view of the building.
P13136174 viewsSite of former siding, Hotham, PN line, view along the track
P13137153 viewsShed with siding nameboard Hamel, SWR line, vans in the loop, view along the track
P13138181 viewsAB class 1535, Out of Shed with nameboard, Gabbin, WLB line, front and side view, wheat train
P13139200 viewsXA class 1402 "TARGAR"I, XB class 1024, turntable pit abutments, wheat bins, Greenhills, YB line, view across the turntable pit to the siding
P13140168 views1 of 7 views of the abandoned, dilapidated and overgrown station at Grass Valley, EGR line, trackside view of the centre and right hand end of the station building
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