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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P13161129 viewsTurntable pit, Kanowna, Kalgoorlie to Kanowna line, the 50 foot turntable having been removed, view along the line of the abutments
P13162112 viewsLoading bank, Kanowna, Kalgoorlie to Kanowna line abandoned and derelict, main platform in the background.
P13163123 viewsWeighbridge pit, Kanowna, Kalgoorlie to Kanowna line, abandoned, view along the line of the pit.
P13164118 viewsStation building with nameboard, platform, Kamballie, B line, view across the track, mine poppet head in background.
P13165110 viewsStation building, platform, Kamballie, B line, end view of the station from along the tracks.
P13166134 viewsX class 1008 "WARRANGOO", station building with nameboard, Korbel, NWM line, side view across the track
P13167136 viewsProspector railcar set, platform, with shed, Kookynie, standard gauge KL line, 4 car set on ARHS tour train
P13168146 viewsTurntable pit, wheat bins, Kununoppin, GM line, pit abandoned with the table removed, view across the pit.
P13169146 viewsXB class 1018 "IMPIRRA" double heading with XA class 1403 "WANBIRI", Out of shed with nameboard, siding, Karlgarin, LH line, goods train.
P13170156 viewsA class 1501, wheat bin, Kukerin, WLG line, wheat train
P13171137 viewsXA class 1404 "PARDOO" double heading with XA class 1405 "WARIENGA", station building and Out of Shed, siding, Kulin, NKM line, goods train
P13172156 viewsXB class 1008 double heading with XA class "NOALA", water towers, Kwobrup, KP line, goods train
P13173132 viewsYard, wheat bin with an over the track grain loader, Koorda, WLB line, overall view of the yard
P13174132 viewsWater tower with 25,000 gallon cast iron tank, Kylie, WB line, tank out of use.
P13175145 viewsXA class 1405 "WARIENGA" double heading with XA class 1407 "WIRNGIR", wheat bin, shed on raised platform with nameboard, Korbelka, NWM line, goods train
P13176119 viewsGroup photo of railway employees, porter Ernst Ford right hand end of the back row. Ernst Ford was only ever employed as a porter at Beverley, from 23rd August 1893 until 26th February 1895
P13177141 viewsLoading platform, abandoned and derelict, Lloyds Crossing, CM line, standard gauge in the background
P13178175 viewsXB class 1004 "KADJERDEN" double heading with XA class "YABAROO", station building, lever frame. Lake Grace. WLG end and trackside view of the buildings.
P13179141 viewsWater tower, water column and drain sump uprooted and lying on the ground, Menzies, KL line..
P13180150 viewsOut of shed, nickel loader, Malcolm, KL line, view along the track.
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