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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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T04961124 viewsXB class 1027 "MARANGAL", XB class 1017 "EWENYOON", both in green livery with red and yellow stripe, double heading empty rail train, houses, road crossing, Burracoppin, EGR line
T0496298 viewsH class 2, Toodyay, Avon Valley line, side and end view
T0496399 viewsH class 3, Forrestfield, side and end view
T04964136 viewsXB class 1008, X class loco, hauling dead R class loco and No 20 goods train, trackside shed, Nukarni, GM line
T04965130 viewsLoco depot, diesel shed, ADF class 490 "Boronia" in the green and silver with a red stripe livery, X class diesel in the all green livery, ex MRWA diesel in MRWA livery, DMUs, workers, East Perth, ER line, view from elevated position
T04966123 viewsTwo car DMU, led by ADK class 390, carriage sheds, bracket signals, signal box, leaving Perth station for Fremantle, second last day before closure of Fremantle line
T04967127 viewsFour car DMU set bound for Fremantle, led by ADA/V class 752, station buildings, platforms, pedestrian overpass, Claremont, ER line, second last day before closure of Fremantle line
T04968144 viewsS class 545, on No 109 goods train, road crossing, signal, passing over points, Doodlakine, EGR line
T04969137 viewsL class 251, on freight train, near Meckering, EGR line, side and front view
T04970123 viewsL class 258 in light blue and dark blue livery with yellow stripe, on freighter No 1121 with PMR class 729 on transporter wagon, West Merredin, EGR line
T04971243 viewsVW class 5080 in green with yellow roof, "For the use of loco crews only", used as barracks, tanker wagon (mostly obscured), Wialki, KBR line, c1966-1967 season
T04972128 viewsBarracks buildings, Kulja, KBR line, view from roadside
T04973131 viewsMRWA F class 45, in maroon livery with double white stripe, houses, MR line, side and front view
T04974122 viewsAbandoned steam winch, makers plate indicated made in Portland Oregon, houses, roads, water tower, Jardee, PP line
T04975120 viewsWood chip unloading facility, surrounded with cyclone and barbed wire fence, Bunbury, SWR line
T04976117 viewsSSM steam loco, flat wagon, at work in the forest
T0497791 viewsTrack on Mooliabeenee bank, MR line, view from track level
T04978113 viewsSSM loco No 1, workers, felled timber, forest, Pemberton, front and side view
T04979105 viewsWAGR standard gauge project board, rubble, Northam, ER line
T04980111 viewsG class 123 "Koombana Queen", G class 233 "Leschenault Lady" running tender first, locos separated by water tanker wagon, double heading tour train, centenary of the Fremantle to Guildford Railway. light signal, side and front view
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