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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P03061165 viewsPM class 707 steam locomotive, up goods train, Dingo Flour mill in the background, front and side view, Leighton, ER line.
P03062170 viewsPMR class 730 steam locomotive, side and front view, taking on water at the water column, down goods train, station buildings, Cunderdin, EGR line.
P03063188 viewsSleeper stacks on both sides of the dual gauge tracks, Parkeston.
P03064225 views"Westland Express" having just exited the Swan View tunnel, signals, down deviation track in the foreground, ER line. Same as P4229
P03065235 viewsP class 443 steam locomotive on the Royal Train for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, AZ class first class sleeping carriage, AV class 315 dining carriage, AM class 313 Ministerial carriage, AN class 413 Vice Regal carriage, ZJ class brakevan, special marker lamp on buffer beam, coat of arms on the smokebox, fireman Don Thompson, Driver Jack Sweeting, Mechanical Inspector Jack Thomas and Loco Inspector Joe Hewiston, Balingup, PP line.
P03066187 viewsPR class 526 "Greenough" steam locomotive, ready to return to E. Perth loco after arrival at Perth with the "Westland", white tail disc on the front indicating that the loco is running tender first, extra oil feeds to steam chest, air snifter just below running board, fitted with Cyclone spark arrestor, observation windows in smokebox, side and front view, Perth, ER line.
P03067256 viewsPR class 522 "Avon" steam locomotive fitted with an oil bunker, on a trial run of the refurbished "Westland", consist includes three new AH class first class carriages, station building and platform, in the loop at Parkerville, ER line.
P03068169 viewsPR class 139 "Avon" steam locomotive, renumbered to 522 in 1946, cut off from the "Westland", side and front view, Perth, ER line.
P03069165 viewsDS class 379 steam locomotive on Down passenger train, Claremont, ER line.
P03070164 viewsADG class 609 and 610 diesel railcars, front and side view, footbridge, booking office, Perth, ER line.
P03071186 viewsPR class 532 "Fortescue" steam locomotive, on a goods train, signals, sidings, Claremont, ER line.
P03072225 viewsADG class 614 and 617 diesel railcars and trailer, green livery with front painted white with re chevrons, tail disc, co-acting signal, point rodding, foot walks across the tracks, passenger platform, siding, relay box, Claremont, ER line. United Buses Limited shed, in the background.
P03073188 viewsADE class 451 "Governor Bedford" diesel electric railcar stalled near Swan View, front view, the Westland on the other track, ER line.
P03074154 viewsShunting diner of the up "Westland", Cunderdin, EGR.
P03075146 viewsV class 1222 steam locomotive, side view, water column, Cunderdin, EGR line.
P03076163 viewsV class 1222 steam locomotive, side view, DC class covered van, water column, Cunderdin, EGR line.
P03077170 viewsX class 1014 "CHURORO" diesel locomotive on the up "Westland", side and end view, Cunderdin, EGR.
P03078169 viewsX class 1005 "MEANANGER" diesel locomotive on the down goods train, side and front view, grain elevator, wheat bin, Wyola, EGR line.
P03079182 viewsADG class 605 diesel railcar, front view, heading towards Perth, Leighton, ER line.
P03080237 viewsADU class diesel railcar trailer with end of train disc, bracket signals, station buildings, passenger platform, nameboard, water column, signal box (Cabin 'B'), sidings and tracks, Midland Junction, view from footbridge looking east, ER line.
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