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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P03081125 viewsR class 174 steam locomotive, front and side view, preserved Midland Workshops, Midland Junction.
P03082207 viewsXA class 1401 "PEDONG" diesel locomotive on the up "Westland" between Parkerville and Hovea, ER line.
P03083157 viewsTrack inspection "Matisa" vehicle, end view, between Grass Valley and Seabrook, EGR line.
P03084152 viewsXA class 1401 "PEDONG" diesel locomotive shunting the dining carriage, Cunderdin, EGR line
P03085147 viewsDS class 371 steam locomotive on the Down passenger train, running bunker first, sidings, signals, platform, ER line.
P03086142 viewsU class 658 steam locomotive, front view, "Australind" platform, Perth, ER line.
P03087160 viewsDM class 586 steam locomotive crossing DM class 587 steam locomotive at Claremont, ER line.
P03088145 viewsDM class 587 steam locomotive running bunker first, end and side view, suburban passenger carriages, nameboard, Show Ground, ER line.
P03089148 viewsB class 181 steam locomotive, end and side view, shunting, Fremantle, ER line.
P03090147 viewsK class 105 steam locomotive, front and side view, shunting, Fremantle, ER line
P03091178 viewsX class 1006 "NANGAMADA" diesel locomotive on a goods train, side view, tracks, rolling stock, wharf sheds, Fremantle, ER line.
P03092174 viewsPR class 530 "Murchison" steam locomotive, front view, on up goods train, signals, passenger platform, pedestrian crossing, edge of signal box and nameboard, Claremont, ER line.
P03093196 viewsEs class 345 4-6-2 steam loco atached to shunters float I class 274 shunting at Midland Junction, front and side view
P03094154 viewsS class 543 "Brockman" steam locomotive on goods train, side and front view, station building in the background, Bakers Hill, ER line.
P03095183 viewsX class 1002 "BIBBULMUN" in front of X class 1007 "NATINGARO" diesel locomotives, side and front view, signals, loco shed, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
P03096157 viewsX class 1002 "BIBBULMUN" diesel locomotive, side view, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
P03097138 viewsPM class 712 steam locomotive, side and end view, shunting, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
P03098163 views1 of 2, X class 1002 "BIBBULMUN" diesel locomotive, side view, loco shed, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
P03099154 views2 of 2, X class 1002 "BIBBULMUN" diesel locomotive, side view, loco shed, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
P03100141 viewsK class 37 steam locomotive, side and front view, Kalgoorlie, EGR line.
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