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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1712185 viewsAftermath of smash, overturned and damaged goods vans, Booraan, EGR line
P1712286 viewsAftermath of smash, overturned and damaged goods wagon and vans, Booraan, EGR line
P17123105 viewsOld station, tracks partly removed, bracket signal, eastbound goods train heading away from camera, Bellevue, ER line, c1966
P1712495 viewsStandard gauge changeover, Bellevue station, ER line
P1712596 viewsMatisa tamper, standard gauge project, side view, c1966
P1712698 viewsF class 457 locomotive front and side view at East Perth, now Claisebrook. Note overhead line. footbridge & track workers sheds to the left of loco. East Perth Power House in background. SWR
P1712786 viewsW class 936 & W class 922 locomotives. Front view at East Perth loco. Unidentified XA class coal hopper to left of loco. ER line. Grounded D class van to right.
P17128106 viewsACL class 406 side door carriage pictured at Yarloop as part of the Vintage Train. Part of ACM class carriage 391 to left. SWR line.
P1712979 viewsPM class 708 locomotive, front view in loco shed at East Perth. Unidentified D class tank locomotive to left and possible sand box to right. ER line.
P17130105 viewsV class 1222 being shunted by B class 1608 diesel hydraulic shunter at Midland Workshops. The V class was to receive an A grade overhaul. Note sleeper stack to left foreground of locos and Workshops buildings in background. ER line.
P1713182 viewsPR class 529, 'Gascoyne' engine portion at East Perth loco sheds. Front & side view. Tender of loco probably in background. ER line.
P1713279 viewsPR class 529, 'Gascoyne' engine portion at East Perth loco sheds. Side view of loco showing part of cab interior and smoky atmosphere of loco shed. ER line.
P1713393 viewsR class 1904 diesel electric locomotive hauling a loaded bauxite train of XB class hopper wagons on the Jarrahdale line. These wagons were subsequently sold to New Zealand for use in coal haulage.
P1713475 viewsR class 1901 diesel electric locomotive hauling a short works train at Kwinana. Note the work proceeding on the construction of an overhead road bridge.
P1713589 viewsR class 1905 and R class 1903 diesel electric locomotives hauling a loaded bauxite train of hopper wagons on the Jarrahdale line approaching Mundijong. Note the signalling trunking boxes in the foreground.
P17136101 viewsR class 1904 diesel electric locomotive with a loaded rake of bauxite wagons standing on the loop at Mundijong. Note the station nameboard and buildings to the left of the locomotive and yard trackage in foreground. SWR line.
P1713790 viewsG class 71 locomotive at Yarloop at the head of the Vintage Train prior to entering the Yarloop Workshops complex. Front & side view of loco. Yarloop Station platform & building on left and portion of goods shed on right background. SWR line.
P1713885 viewsG class 71 locomotive reversing towards Vintage Train at Yarloop with portion of goods shed in background, open wagon & flat top wagon, on goods road, behind loco. Front & side view of loco. Note portion of goods loading ramp to right of loco and house in background. SWR line.
P1713986 viewsYX class 176 locomotive at Donnelly Mill yard. Front and side view of loco, cheese knob point lever next to loco and stacks of timber in background.
P1714070 viewsG class 71 locomotive at Yarloop. Front & side view of loco and portion of Z class brakevan attached to loco. SWR line.
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