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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P1714173 viewsG class 71 locomotive's builders plate showing loco was built by Dubs & Co, Glasgow, in 1897.
P1714289 viewsW class 960 and PR class 526 locomotives at the head of No. 12 Goods train at Yornaning. Water tower to left of train and portion of livestock loading ramp at left. GSR line.
P1714379 viewsR class 1903 diesel electric locomotive at an unidentified location. Good side view and partial front view of locomotive.
P1714499 viewsXA class "YABAROO" diesel electric locomotive hauling a short train of four wheeled covered vans through City Station. Front & side view of loco. Note the two car suburban railcar set at the platform to the left, signals in background and overhead footbridge. Note the sign for Bairds store on the left and portion of the Railway Administration offices above and to the right of the railcars.ER line.
P1714570 viewsV class 1203 steam locomotive pictured in Midland Yard after receiving an overhaul. Workshop building can be seen to right and footbridge in background. ER line.
P1714682 viewsDM class 586,V class 1211 & PMR class 733 at East Perth loco. Note coal stage at rear, fuel tanks & stand at left with an unidentified building to right. Person at left front appears to be hand signalling the locomotives.
P1714783 viewsV class 1217 steam locomotive at eastern end of East Perth loco showing front/side view. JG fuel tank on ground at rear, workman's van at rear background and gasometer in rear far background.
P1714873 viewsV class 1220 and DM class 587 locomotives at Midland Loco. Note 'light up' wood pile at left, wagons and coal stage in background and coal crane & M boxes on wagon to right.
P1714983 viewsV class 1205 locomotive at East Perth. Note loco sheds to right and construction of standard gauge trackage at East Perth Terminal to left. ER line.
P1715073 viewsFS class 362 locomotive at East Perth loco. Loco used to steam for cleaning of other locomotives. Note footbridge in background as well as electrical tower.
P1715178 viewsPR class 538 'Kalgan' locomotive at eastern end of East Perth loco, 3/4 front & side view. Unidentified V class at rear.
P17152110 viewsA class 1502 diesel electric locomotive hauling W class 960 steam locomotive from Midland Workshops to East Perth loco. Note semaphore signal at rear of locos and Workshops buildings at right. Stowed suburban carriages in background. ER line.
P1715380 viewsW class 904 locomotive at East Perth loco. Note spark arrestor screen on right front buffer beam of loco. Loco buildings to right and rear of locomotive.
P1715483 viewsPR class 530 locomotive at western end of Perth Station. Note semaphore signals in background and portion of Perth Goods yard at left of locomotive.
P1715587 viewsF class 412 locomotive at East Perth loco. Overhead fuel tank showing over loco tender and loco buildings next to loco.
P1715674 viewsF class 418 locomotive at East Perth loco. Note coal stage and footbridge in background and wagons to right of loco.
P1715783 viewsV class 1205 locomotive at East Perth loco. Unidentified locomotive to side of V class.
P1715884 viewsV class 1205 locomotive at East Perth loco at eastern end. Unidentified locomotive to side of V class.
P1715998 viewsQY class 2300 heavy lift wagon with a tarpaulin covered load. Location Unknown. Side view of wagon & load. Note the wagon has a total of four bogies necessary for carrying the load.
P1716081 viewsPassenger platform, steam locomotive on passenger train and diesel railcars in the background, Perth, ER line.
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