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The Great War 1914 – 1918

The soldiers who died in war

The list below includes all the WA railway employees known to have enlisted and the lost their lives in the First World War. You can click on a soldier's name (left hand column) to open the biography of that particular man.

If you have a particular interest, you can change the order in the list, for example to see which men died in a particular period. To do this, click on a column heading e.g. "E" then right-click and select "Sort" then "Sort ascending". You'll be asked whether to "Expand your selection" and you would normally answer "Yes". To bring together men who died in the same battalion, etc, click on column "C" then sort in similar manner.

To fit the list within the screen width, the names of employers have been abbreviated as under:

  • WAGR & T - Western Australian Government Railways & Tramways
  • Midland - The Midland Railway Company of Western Australia Limited (operators of the railway between Midland and Walkaway until 1964)
  • Bunnings - Bunning Brothers
  • Millars - Millars Timber & Trading Pty Ltd

This list will shortly be expanded to include railwaymen who enlisted and died in the Boer War and the Second World War. Rail Heritage WA is grateful to all who have contributed to this database, including multiple contributions from Jeff Austin, Geoffrey Higham and Michael Galvin. The sources of photographs are individually acknowledged on the biographies.