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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P16201163 viewsLNER A3 class 4472 "Flying Scotsman" (driving wheels and part of boiler visible), Jack Stanbridge standing alongside, Northam, ER line, side view at track level
P16202146 viewsS class 549 "Greenmount", Jack Stanbridge standing alongside, Railway Museum yard, Bassendean, front and side view
P16203170 viewsGWR Castle class 4079 "Pendennis Castle" coupled with LNER A3 class 4472 "Flying Scotsman", en route from Forrestfield to Perth to haul excursion train, ER line, front and side view
P16204134 viewsGWR Castle class 4079 "Pendennis Castle", Forrestfield, side and front view
P16205557 viewsLNER A3 class 4472 "Flying Scotsman" meets GWR Castle class 4079 "Pendennis Castle", crowd of onlookers, East Perth terminal, track level view
P16206130 viewsGWR Castle class 4079 "Pendennis Castle", being loaded onto a low loader road trailer by several mobile cranes, for transport back to the Pilbara, Forrestfield Yard, workers, side and front view
P16207129 viewsGWR Castle class 4079 "Pendennis Castle", on low loader road vehicle, for transport back to the Pilbara, Forrestfield Yard, rear and side view
P16208157 viewsLNER A3 Class 4472 "Flying Scotsman", auxillary water tender, heading excursion train, crossing steel and concrete bridge, Guildford, ER line, side and front view, ER line.
P1620999 viewsStation building, platform, water tank, Comet Vale, KL line
P16210107 viewsStation building, signal box, platform, bracket signal, Brunswick Junction, SWR line, c1950
P1621192 viewsDS class 378, hauling side door passenger carriage with guards compartment, signal, Buckland Hill, side and rear view
P1621290 viewsStation building, signal box, platform, overhead footway, Bassendean, ER line, track level view
P16213111 viewsRakes of vans, wagons and livestock wagons in station yard, goods shed, bracket signal, scissors crossover, station building, platform, signal, sidings, Northam, ER line
P16214114 viewsCrossover on main line, emergency runaway track off to the left, signal, south of Swan View station, ER line
P16215128 viewsOverview of Perth City station, Barrack Street bridge (foreground), platforms, signals, bracket signals, Horseshoe bridge, signal box B, freeway bridge across tracks (background), view looking west from 7th floor Royal Perth hospital
P1621696 viewsDD class 600, on goods train, approaching platform, bracket signals, signal Box B, Midland Junction, ER line
P1621799 viewsBracket signal, station building, signal box, platform, passenger carriage, vans, Brunswick Junction, SWR line, track level view
P1621895 viewsRail bridge of wood and steel, Swan River, Fremantle, ER line. The steel girders were installed after the wooden supports were washed away in the 1926 floods.
P16219106 viewsStation building, platform, signal box, Rivervale, SWR line
P16220102 viewsPlatform, bracket signals, signal Box B, Midland Junction, ER line, view looking east
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