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Rail Heritage WA Archive Photo Gallery

A picture tells a thousand words - and in historical research,
a picture may often show something for which no words have been written.

Rail Heritage WA has collected photographs and images over many years and these are available for research purposes thanks to the assistance of Lotterywest.
Please contact our archivist if you would like full size images or more information:

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P02801280 viewsN class, platform ended brakevan, water column, Fremantle Dock, Perth Station, front and side view of the loco
P02802263 viewsN class 4-4-4T loco, Mundaring Weir station, MW line, side view of train through the trees
P02803203 viewsE class 307 without a sand dome, side view
P02804231 viewsP class, country passenger carriages, signal box, Southern Cross, EGR line, view along the train
P02805314 viewsSignals, signal box, station buildings, 50,000 gallon water tower, Kalgoorlie, view looking west from Maritana Street Bridge
P02806214 viewsCommonwealth Railways (CR) G class loco, part of water tower, TAR line, side view
P02807258 viewsADE class 449 "Governor Weld" with ADT class trailer, Goomalling, EM line, front and side view
P02808236 viewsDM class 586, consist of AF class 261, AS class, AW class, AT class and one other, suburban passenger working, near Showgrounds, ER line, elevated view looking down on the train
P02809225 viewsMRWA loco B class 6, side view of the engine only
P02810226 viewsT class 171, side view.
P02811242 viewsPM class 705 steam locomotive, side and front view, black livery, c1950.
P02812269 viewsX class 1024 "KOGARA" diesel locomotive hauling the Albany Progress on trial in National Park, front and side view.
P02813320 viewsStation buildings including the refreshment room, 25,000 cast iron water tank on a water tower, GC class 7773 high sided open wagon laded with bagged wheat, GC class 7598 high sided open wagon, and other loaded wagons in the yard, Wagin, GSR line.
P02814286 viewsXB class 1017 "EWENYOON" diesel locomotive hauling the "Australind", side and front view, Harvey station building in the background obscured by the train, cheese knob and scotch block on sidings, loco and first carriage are in Westrail livery, side and front view, SWR line.
P02815264 viewsKalgoorlie station view from eastern approach, water tower with 25,000 gallon cast iron tank with Hannan's Lager painted on the side, signals, platforms, sidings, standard gauge tracks in the centre.
P02816245 viewsKalgoorlie station forecourt, horses and carts, motor vehicles, station clock.
P02817243 viewsKalgoorlie station platform, side view, dog box carriages, N class 4-4-4T steam locomotive, GC class wagon, van, low sided wagons, c1920s.
P02818262 viewsKalgoorlie station, looking west from west end, signals, cheese knobs, signal box, AG "Gilbert" class carriage at the passenger platform, dogbox carriages, sheds, tacks.
P02819234 viewsKalgoorlie station looking east, station building, passenger platform, 55 ft. water tower with two 25,00 gallon cast iron tanks with one on top of the other, signal box in the background.
P02820238 viewsYX class 176 steam locomotive, derelict, Bunnings Engineering Works, Manjimup.
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