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GM 1 Update!

We have recently had very good news with regards to GM1, and the necessary preparations to enable it to be transferred to WA.

Go to our Standard Gauge GM 1 page here, or
GM 1 update flyer here.

Photo Archive

Our extensive Photo Gallery is now back online.
Please note some changes to the folder structure and the search function of the site.

Folders are now identified as print_ and trans_ for scans of prints or transparencies.

We now have over 12900 images in the collection, broken into 76 folders of 200 files each.

Please browse the gallery at you leisure.
The Archives Group..

Rail Heritage WA was the first rail preservation group formed in WA.
It began as the Australian Railway Historical Society (WA Div) when it was formed in February 1959.

Today Rail Heritage WA:

  • operates the Railway Museum in Bassendean
  • carries out restoration of heritage equipment and vehicles
  • has an extensive railway archives
  • publishes and sells publications of railway-related material
  • hires out its restored Federation Train carriages
  • lobbies for the preservation of WA's rail heritage, such as the former Midland Workshops
  • has members with interests in every aspect of railway operations and
  • owns the Vintage Train at Boyanup Museum as part of its collection

It depends entirely on its volunteers to manage the organisation and its extensive activities.