Help Rail Heritage WA bring GM1 to Western Australia

This is our target - install this iconic exhibit at the head of the 1917 Commonwealth Railways carriages which our volunteers have lovingly restored, in a new platform reminiscent of the drama that passengers faced at Kalgoorlie from 1917-1971 - "all change!" - a tumble of passengers and goods between the narrow gauge train on one side and standard gauge across the platform.

Status update on GM 1

We have recently had very good news with regards to GM1, and the necessary preparations to enable it to be transferred to WA.

The downloadable PDF document provides information on the overall project, and the latest advances that have taken place in the last few days.


Standard Gauge Appeal

Our Appeal was officially launched on Sunday 15 May 2011 by Hon. Donna Faragher, MLC, Member for East Metropolitan Region. Mrs Faragher is a long-time supporter of our society and our aims.

Help the Railway Museum to bring GM1 to Western Australia, to build a fitting display, and ultimately to return GM1 to operation for special occasions.

  • All donations gratefully received
  • Deductable for income tax purposes
  • Opportunities for special donations to be recorded on the project

Rail Heritage WA has won custody of the historic GM1 locomotive - the first diesel loco built in Australia, the first main-line diesel to run in Western Australia, and the pioneering power that made today's Indian Pacific and interstate freight operations viable. But this is only the first step - and each step needs your help, in money or in kind
  • Repair GM1 so it can be towed from Adelaide
  • Bring GM1 to Bassendean
  • Build standard gauge into the Railway Museum
  • Build a worthy display facility
  • Return GM1 to operating condition
All these steps need your help. If you can assist our Appeal, you will assist to sustain WA's heritage. There are three ways to donate.
  • Download a donation form
  • Donate any amount via PayPal
  • Or donate $200 for a sleeper with a plaque